About the Ask the Expert Webinars

The webinars go for an hour on a Tuesday night at 6:30pm AEST.

Ask The Expert Online EventThese are promoted to not only our active database but also to our other JV and partner’s lists, meaning a broader reach to potential attendees. This combined with the promoting you do to your own list will mean that current clients along with potential clients of yours will be able to attend the webinar, and have any questions answered whilst learning about any changes, or areas of your company they may have been unfamiliar with prior to attending.

Ask the Expert webinars are broken down into smaller sections.

There is a product overview section and a training section which enables you to point out any specific areas of your product or service, and walk-through attendees on how it works, while allowing you to answer any questions that arise along the way (this would ideally be your point of difference over your competitors).

After the training section there is a Q&A section where attendees are able to have all their questions answered and you are able to go through any Frequency Asked questions and Should Ask questions with those attending.

What Happens in a WebinarWhat Normally Happens With The Webinar

The webinars are run via your own computer, and the presenters connect to the webinar 10 minutes before the session commences.

Before the webinar date is booked the partner will have filled in our guest form (you can see that here: http://tradescoaching.com/guest/ ) and would have a set of FAQ (frequently asked questions) and SAQ (should ask questions) so potential customers have their questions answered.

The sheet is quite detailed so it is very much personalised to your business, regarding what you would like to include in the webinar.

During the webinar, users are also able to post their own questions they wish to have answered.

Your contact details will be available for users to easily contact you further about your product along with your logo, heightening your brand awareness.

Ideally you have a special offer for the webinar attendees that you could offer at the end of the webinar, and that we would place alongside the recording of the event.

We do a test run of the webinar with you on a day that suits you so there is no “winging it” on the night.

We would ask that you promote any future Ask the Expert webinars that are non-competing to your prospects and clients, this has the added advantage of making your company look like the expert by adding value to your prospects and clients.


As part of the Ask the Expert webinar series, we also offer the partners a space on the Partner’s page of our website. There are 2 options within our partner’s page:

Option 1 is our Premium Partners, this includes:

  • A dedicated page for the partner, which is SEO optimised and includes a URL containing the partners name i.e. buildersprofits.com/partners/(your business name)
  • The partner will be listed on our premium partners page
  • The partners logo on our home page
  • A full BIO of you and/or your company (unlimited word count)
  • Images and logo placement on their page
  • A dedicated contact form which allows the prospects to reach you directly from our page via email
  • Ability to post the AE webinar on their site for visitors to view
  • Ability to showcase videos on their personal premium partner page
  • Free business pack for you to give to your clients with over $1600 worth of business tools and discounts to help them with their business This free business pack includes:
    • Complimentary Needs Analysis session
    • 50% discount on downloadable eBook & audio business library
    • 25% discount on yearly memberships to Business Essentials Toolbox
    • The premium partner page is free for the length of partnership for all partners who are actively promoting our emails for non-competing webinars.

Any premium partners who cease promotion will be demoted to our standard partnership or removed totally (depending on circumstances).

Option 2 for our partners is our Standard Industry Partners Page, this includes:

  • A small pop up on our partners page with no URL and is not SEO optimised
  • A BIO of 150 words or less
  • And a picture of their company logo (they are not able to add any additional images or videos)
  • Ability to be contacted via email on a contact form
  • Ability to post the AE webinar on their site for visitors to view
  • Plus free Needs Analysis with one of our coaches for you to give your clients to help them with their business

To see a live example of what our premium partners page looks like click here

We are open to allowing your company multiple Ask the Expert places if there is more than one topic of content you would like to cover.

Additionally partners are given opportunities to add topic centric content to our blog on regular occasions, this adds to your brand awareness and your “expert’ image and you are able to share this content on your own blogs, and/or social channels.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns please give the office a call on: (02) 4201 0236

Looking forward to working together.

Greg Hamlyn