After a very bad year last year and several poor years previous, my wife and I decided to draw the line in the sand. We would give my building business 3 months and if things did not improve, we would give up and I would look for employment elsewhere.

I found your website and although skeptical, registered for one of your free webinars. The information provided was totally relevant and delivered in a way that made sense to builders and trades men (most other information on the web seem to explain everything relative to a retail environment, which is very different to a trade environment). This information made total sense. It changed the way I looked at and thought about my business and for the better.

I am now in the process of training and growing my team so I can spend more time working on my business. I feel more positive about it and know that there is a better way. This positivity also seems to have the effect of making more positive things happen.

I recommend Trades Coaching and Builders Profits to anyone out there who feels like they are working and quoting constantly for little return. I can now see more clearly where we are going thanks to Greg and Trades Coaching & Builders Profits.