I’ve been working with Greg and Trades Coaching & Builders Profits for a while now and I started totally new to it all. It was a fresh start to my business and I discovered that although how to be great at my trade, building homes and doing extensions, I didn’t know much about actually running a business.

Working with Greg has changed my perspective on not only what it takes to run and grow a business but also how to manage the sales and marketing part of business so I could start attracting more of the right sort of enquires and convert more quotes into sales.

Being relatively new to the building industry I have actually missed out on some big jobs that Greg has helped me to get my quotes accepted on, simply to have to turn them down due to the home owners warranty insurance that requires me to have more time in the field before they will increase my limits. Without Greg’s help there is no way my quotes would have even got a second glance, without actually being accepted on larger jobs and it is unfortunate that my growth rate has been hobbled with the industry insurances.

I would totally recommend Greg and Trades Coaching & Builders Profits to any builder looking to improve and grow.