The biggest concern I had was could I afford the coaching and was I going to get anything out of it. I took it on because I understood things needed to change. Greg showed me how to grow my business, and put up with my resistance along the way, to employing more staff and how to grow & market my business effectively.
I found we can get stuck in our mindset on how things can be done and looked at. Greg opened my mind and helped me grow, from a building business in the backyard on me own to employing 2 full time office staff in a proper office in town, from turning over 1 million a year to 4 million in approximately 15 months.

One of the clients told me once that it’s like having a business partner to help you grow without splitting the profits, I found that to be good advice. My advice to you would be to do what he says and reap the benefits.
On a personal note, I found Greg to be an extremely good person, someone who I could talk to about anything, that’s what really made the difference to me; he cares and I consider him a friend. I would have no problem talking with anyone who is considering this and highly recommending Greg and his lovely wife, who stands with him. Good luck!!